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Books to Learn European Portuguese

Learning a language requires regular practice. Find some book tips to help students, travelers & business people learn European Portuguese.

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Learning a foreign language by yourself can be tricky, but if you are lucky enough to find some guidelines that you can easily fit into your daily routine, everything becomes easier. Here are some tips for people who are looking for Books to Learn European Portuguese. They will give some great ideas to start or continue your journey. 30 minutes practice a day goes a long way!

Passaporte para Português A1/A2 – Livro do Aluno

This is the student’s book. With “Passaporte para Português” you will find all the main topics for people who are giving their first steps in European Portuguese.   This is one of the most commonly used books in Portuguese language.

Passaporte para Português A1/A2 – Caderno de Exercícios

This is the workbook for beginners and elementary learners of European Portuguese. Just like most language-learning workbooks, it includes additional exercises related to the topics in the coursebook.

Gramática Aplicada A1/A2/B1 

This is a grammar practice book designed to help non-native speakers understand the language and its rules.

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