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ChatGPT Tutorial | How to start chatting on ChatGPT

Unleash the power of conversational AI with ChatGPT! Join our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to sign up and start chatting on ChatGPT in no time.

Welcome to up2dateSKILLS’ ChatGPT step-by-step tutorial! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of signing up to ChatGPT, a powerful conversational AI tool to boost your life.

Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, or just someone interested in AI, this tutorial will give you the knowledge to get you started.

To make this tutorial even more engaging and informative, we have created a video tutorial that walks you through every step of the process. We highly recommend that you watch the video tutorial in addition to following along with the written tutorial.

So, if you’re ready to unleash the power of conversational AI, let’s get started!

How to start chatting on ChatGPT

Step-by-step video tutorial

The video tutorial will give you a visual representation of what you’re learning in the written step-by-step tutorial below. 

How to start chatting on ChatGPT a step-by-step tutorial by up2dateSKILLS_small
Play Video about How to start chatting on ChatGPT a step-by-step tutorial by up2dateSKILLS_small
up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 1 - ChatGPT URL chat . openai . com

Step #1 |ChatGPT URL

To get started, open your browser and type

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 2 - ChatGPT - Sign up

Step #2 | Sign up


Here you can either log in or sign up. If you are a new user, you have to click on the button Sign up.

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 2 - ChatGPT - Sign up

Step #3 | Create your account


When this page opens, you can either type in your email or you can sign up through your Google account.

Step #4 | Password


Create a strong password and hit continue.

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 5 - ChatGPT Sign up Verify email

Step #5 | Verify your email


Here we are being told to go to our inbox or our email account to confirm that the email we have given is really ours.

If you didn’t get any email, click on the link resend email.

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 6 - ChatGPT Sign up Verify email - Inbox

Step #6 | Verify email address in your inbox


Go to your email account or your inbox, open the email you got from OpenAI and click on the button to verify your email address.

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 7 - ChatGPT Sign up Personal data

Step #7 | Insert your personal data


Once this page opens, write your name, your surname and your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY – first write the month, then the day and then the year you were born). Then hit continue.

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 8 - ChatGPT Sign up Verify phone number

Step #8 | Verify your phone number


To verify your phone number, start by choosing your country and then insert your phone number next to your country’s dialing code. Then click on send code. You will get a text from OpenAI on your mobile phone. Come back to this page and use the code in that text to verify your phone number.

up2dateSKILLS tutorial - Step 9 - ChatGPT Sign up Ask your first question

Step #9 | Start asking questions


Don’t waste any more time! Ask your first question and share it in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Your turn

If coffee is not an option, then I would love to hear your feedback. Please share some words in the comment section below and stay tuned! We will keep adding new tutorials.

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How to start chatting on ChatGPT Step-by-step tutorial by up2dateSKILLS

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