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Key Phrases for Business Meetings | Greeting participants as they come in

Greet participants individually as they arrive to avoid awkward silences. Here are some key phrases to avoid sounding repetitive.

This page is part of a comprehensive guide where we explore the key phrases necessary for successful communication in business meetings.

In this section, we will focus on greeting participants as they come into the meeting.

You should watch the video provided on this page and follow the instructions. The video was designed to help you practice your speaking skills. Listen and repeat each sentence as many times as you need and on different days until you feel comfortable saying all the sentences correctly. 

You can find all the sentences on this page too, after the video. Alternatively, you can download the follow-along worksheet with all the phrases so that you can read them later or maybe take notes on words that you find difficult to pronounce. 

Let’s dive in!

Follow-along worksheet

Greeting participants as they come in

Because participants don’t usually come into the meeting room all at once, greeting every single person as they come in will prevent those awkward moments of silence. So let’s see some lines that you can use to avoid sounding repetitive. 

LISTEN and REPEAT | Use the video to practice your speaking skills.


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