Back-to-school Speaking Activities – Worksheet + PowerPoint Presentation

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Get all your students to speak with these simple yet effective back-to-school speaking activities – an icebreaker for all English learners.

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The resources “Back-to-school Speaking Activities – Worksheet + PowerPoint Presentation” were designed as a back-to-school icebreaker for beginners and elementary students. They are engaging for learners of all age ranges.

It’s a simple resource to break the ice in classes with students of different levels because even those at the lowest levels will feel confident to take part in the lesson and will improve their speaking skills.

Although certain answers seem easy, when it comes to speaking most students lack confidence. With this resource, they are guided all the way.


This product includes:
  1. 2-page Worksheet (PDF – US Letter size)
  2. 2-page Worksheet (PDF – A4 size)
  3. 5-slide PowerPoint presentation with answer key

If you are not sure which paper size is better for you, we suggest reading our blog post on Standard Paper Sizes, where you can find all the information you need.


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The worksheet

The worksheet includes a guided listening activity. The listening activity will help boost students’ confidence because it provides insight regarding the questions and the reactions they will need for the interviews in the second part of the lesson.


The PowerPoint presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is a great asset, not only because it will provide you with the visuals and audio for all the activities, but also because it contains the answer key to the exercises as well as some tips on the footnotes of each slide. You can use the presentation at school or for remote teaching.


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🍏 Also available on up2dateskills’ TPT store 

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