BUNDLE – Printable dot grid paper – A5-size – 6 colors x 6 grids

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Have your own printable dot grid A5-paper: 6 different grid sizes + 6 different dot colors! Choose the color of the dots according to your mood.

Need more info? Check all the details below!

Need more info? Check all the details below!

Printable dot grid A5-paper: 6 different grid sizes + 6 different dot colors.

Do you want to print your own filler paper for your notebooks and planners? We have different printable bullet journal A5-pages for you to choose from and they are sold in sets. If you are not sure if A5 is the right page size for you, we suggest reading our blog post on Standard Paper Sizes, where you can find all the information you need.

The product you are looking at includes 24 PDF files:

  • 12 files designed for 2-side printing;
  • 12 files designed for 1-side printing and/or digital planners.

Besides, you get to use dots in 6 different colors, namely black, blue, orange, gray, green and pink! In other words, you can change the dot color of your planner to suit your mood.

Most importantly, let me remind you that this is a digital product. As a result, you don’t need to wait for the postman. Additionally, you can save the document and print as many pages as you need in the color that suits your mood.



Page size:
A5-size (inches: 5.85” x 8.27” / 14.85 cm x 21 cm)

Distance between dots:

  1. 0.5 cm
  2. 0.6 cm
  3. 0.7 cm
  4. 0.8 cm
  5. 0.9 cm
  6. 1 cm

Dot color:
Dots in 6 different colors (black, blue, orange, gray, green, pink)



Check all the options you can find in our online store for printable dot filler paper below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know what you need using our contact page or via email. We’ll do our best to bring it to life and add it to the store.

  1. 0,5 cm-grid dot paper – A5 size
  2. 0,6 cm-grid dot paper – A5 size
  3. 0,7 cm-grid dot paper – A5 size
  4. 0,8 cm-grid dot paper – A5 size
  5. 0,9 cm-grid dot paper – A5 size
  6. 1 cm-grid dot paper – A5 size
  7. BUNDLE: Dot paper – A5-size (includes all options above at a special price) – This is the option you are looking at now!




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Read more information on paper sizes in our blog.


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