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These ready-to-use materials on the departments in a company were designed to provide students with essential vocabulary for corporate context.

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Our “Departments in a Company” resource was created for adult learners who want to master Business English and for younger learners who are attending vocational courses. It is a toolkit designed to provide students with essential vocabulary, listening, reading, and writing skills needed in a professional context. These ready-to-use materials include the answer key in an animated presentation that will help you make your lesson more engaging and interactive.


What’s Included

  • 4-Page Worksheet: available in both Word and PDF formats for easy customization, the worksheet includes thoughtfully designed exercises to help you address the topic of Departments in a Company with your students.
  • Answer Key: save valuable prep time with the answer key provided in PowerPoint format (compatible with Google Slides).
  • Audio Track: available in both MP3 and WAV formats, the audio track aids students in recognizing and understanding industry-specific terminology related to company departments.
  • Transcript: to make your lesson even more relevant and effective you can complement the audio track with a detailed transcript, ensuring that your students can follow along with ease.

Target Audience

  • English Instructors: Tailored for ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors and Business English teachers working with adult learners and teenagers enrolled in vocational courses.
  • Adult and Teenage Learners: Suitable for both adult students and teenagers pursuing vocational education, helping them strengthen their language skills in a corporate context by learning the Departments in a Company.

Note: This digital resource is available for immediate download, enabling you to kickstart engaging lessons right away.



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🍏 Also available on up2dateskills’ TPT store 

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