Classroom Objects in English Worksheet PDF and Word

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Learn classroom objects in English with this Picture Dictionary. You can edit it, print it out or complete it using a digital device.

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Classroom Objects in English Worksheet PDF and Word is an English picture dictionary to learn Classroom Objects in English with real pictures instead of illustrations. Realistic pictures make this resource appealing to all age ranges. It includes a great variety of words: 60 different classroom objects.

You will get an editable word worksheet and a printable PDF file both with 60 different classroom objects pictures, the answer key and a list of all the classroom objects. Even high achievers are likely to find new words. You can use the Word file to remove the pictures that aren’t relevant to your learners.

You can print out these resources in A4 size or US Letter size (both file sizes are included). If you are not sure which page size is better for you, we suggest reading our blog post on Standard Paper Sizes. For example, you will be able to compare A4 page size with US Letter page size before printing the files.

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  1. adhesive tape
  2. backpack
  3. binder clips
  4. blackboard
  5. books
  6. bulletin board
  7. calculator
  8. calendar
  9. cell phone
  10. chair
  11. chalk
  12. clipboard
  13. clock
  14. colored pencils
  15. coloring markers
  16. compass
  17. correction pen
  18. crayons
  19. desk
  20. eraser
  21. globe
  22. glue stick
  23. glue
  24. highlighters
  25. hole punch
  26. lamp
  27. laptop
  28. lined paper
  29. magnifying glass
  30. mechanical pencil
  31. notebooks
  32. paint brushes
  33. painting easel
  34. palette
  35. paper clips
  36. pen
  37. pencil case
  38. pencil holder
  39. pencil leads
  40. pencil sharpener
  41. pencil
  42. protractor
  43. pushpins
  44. ring binders
  45. ruler
  46. scissors
  47. set square
  48. stapler
  49. staples
  50. sticky notes
  51. tablet
  52. tape dispenser
  53. wastebin
  54. watercolor paint
  55. white out fluid
  56. white out tape
  57. whiteboard eraser
  58. whiteboard marker
  59. whiteboard
  60. world map



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