Deutsche Grammatik PRÄSENS schwarer Verben Arbeitsblatt + PowerPoint

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Deutsche Grammatik Präsens schwarer Verben: exercises to learn the PRESENT of Regular Verbs in German. You can print the worksheet out or complete it using a digital device.

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Grammar worksheet to practice the Present of regular verbs in German – Präsens schwarer Verben.

On the first page, learners can read all about use and form; on the remaining 3 pages, learners can do multiple exercises using affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences; they can also complete several tables with those verb forms.

You can print out the worksheet in A4 size or US Letter size (both file sizes are included). We have also included two fillable PDF files: one in A4 size and another in US Letter size. You can use the fillable PDF files in the classroom, using digital devices. Fillable PDF files are also a great asset for remote teaching and homework assignments.

If you are not sure which page size is better for you, we suggest reading our blog post on Standard Paper Sizes. For example, you will be able to compare A4 page size with US Letter page size before printing the files.

The answer key is included in a separate PDF file, but we have also made a PowerPoint presentation with all the answers so that you can correct everything in class easily.


This product includes:

1) 4-page PDF worksheet in A4 size (normal PDF file + fillable PDF file);

2) 4-page PDF worksheet in US Letter size (normal PDF file + fillable PDF file);

3) printable answer key (A4 size + US Letter size);

4) PowerPoint presentation with answer key to use in class.



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