English for sales assistants – Words and Phrases for a Salesperson

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English for sales assistants and salespeople. Teaching resources with exercises to learn words and phrases.

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These resources are designed to improve English for sales assistants and salespeople in general. Learners who are looking for a career in sales or need to learn some English phrases for customer service should definitely start the course with the words and phrases included in this worksheet.

1) 4-page printable worksheet (PDF);

2) 12-slide PowerPoint presentation (PPT);

3) answer key (in the PPT slides).


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The worksheet

The worksheet includes different exercises to get to know sales vocabulary. It is a great introduction for sales courses or sales modules.


The PowerPoint presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is a great asset, not only because it will provide you with the visuals for all the activities, but also because it contains the answer key to all the exercises. You can use it in a traditional in-person class or when teaching online.



To get additional information on teaching technical English and teaching English for specific purposes, read our blog post on Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) or English for Work.


Included in the product

1) 4-page printable worksheet (PDF);
2) 12-slide PowerPoint presentation (PPT);
3) answer key (in the PPT slides).

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