FRUIT names in Portuguese Digital flashcards - PowerPoint games

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Learn fruit names in European Portuguese. You can use the flashcards in the classroom or when teaching remotely.

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This is a set of 40 digital flashcards to learn fruit names in Portuguese with real pictures instead of illustrations. Realistic pictures make this resource appealing for all age ranges. These digital flashcards include a great variety of words: 40 different fruit pictures. Even high achievers are likely to learn new words. The answer key is included in all the PowerPoint presentations.

This product includes:

– 3 PowerPoint files with 3 different guessing games.



You can use GAME 1 to learn/teach the vocabulary for the first time. The name of each fruit appears only when you click.



The fruit pictures are always visible and the names are hidden under the gray boxes.

How to play:

(1) Ask a student to pick a fruit and name it.

(2) Click on the corresponding question mark to check the if student’s answer is correct.



Another option is game 3. In game 3, the fruit pictures and their names are hidden under the gray boxes.

How to play:

(1) Ask a student to pick a number.

(2) Click on the number the student chose to reveal the fruit picture, and then ask the student to guess the name of the fruit in the picture.

(3) Lastly, click on the corresponding question mark to check the if student’s answer is correct.


All the games include the 40 flash cards with fruit pictures and you can use them as a digital activity with digital devices in the classroom or for remote teaching.



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