German for Beginners | Das Deutsche Alphabet

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Teacher-friendly resource to learn the German Alphabet and German spelling through simple and engaging activities.

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Teach the German alphabet with ‘German for Beginners | Das Deutsche Alphabet.’ This product was designed for beginners, including teenagers and adults. It can also be great to do some catching up with learners with higher levels of proficiency.

Check out the video preview at the bottom of this page to see all the details of this German spelling practice activity for beginners and continue reading the product description to learn about the various components that make this resource a ready-to-use, stress-free tool for any German teacher.


  1. 2-page worksheet (PDF + Word);
  2. 3-page answer-key (PDF + Word);
  3. 1 audio file (MP3 + WAV);
  4. 8-slide animated PowerPoint presentation with answer key and audio tracks (compatible with Google Slides).

Both the worksheets and the answer key are provided in US Letter and A4 so that you can choose the best size when printing (click here to see the difference). All files are compatible with Google Docs and/or Google Slides so you can open them using Google Drive. If necessary, watch the tutorial How to convert a PowerPoint file into Google Slides.

German Alphabet Worksheet PDF and Word

The German Alphabet printable worksheet is the core component of this resource. Beginning with a listening activity to familiarize learners with the alphabet, including special characters like ä, ö, ü, and ß, it progresses to a comprehensive table for note-taking on pronunciation. Practical application is provided through simple dialogues, facilitating everyday usage and improving pronunciation and spelling skills.

German Alphabet Answer Key

For convenience, the answer key is provided in multiple formats (Word, PDF, and PowerPoint), ensuring teacher-friendly accessibility, even in emergencies.

German Alphabet PowerPoint Presentation

The German Alphabet PowerPoint presentation is a great asset for both in-person and remote teaching. It includes the German alphabet mp3 audio file and the answer key displays upon clicking, offering a more engaging learning experience.

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