MS Office Training | Creating a Form in Microsoft Word


Create a visually appealing eForm: learn how to design your form, add form fields/controls, and add protection.

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A short step-by-step course that you can take online at

The course consists of 11 video lessons  + a hands-on Class Project.

  • learn from home or anywhere with online classes;
  • Learning Certificate of Completion.

You will learn how to create a fillable form using Microsoft Office Word. We will create multiple form fields also known as form controls: rich textplain textmulti-line text boxescheckboxescombo boxes, and date pickers (or drop-down calendars).

We are also going to see an overview of the most important features MS Word offers for each of those form controls. We will end the tutorial by adding protection to your form. Restrict editing prevents users from editing outside the form fields.

Check the Course Page to see all the lessons in this tutorial and how it works.

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