Multiple-choice English Level Test – fillable PDF – Version A

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Apply this ready-to-use Multiple-choice English Level Test fillable PDF Version A to check your students’ approximate language levels.

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Ready-to-use Multiple-choice English Level Test – fillable PDF – Version A. Although most English classes tend to be mixed-ability, adapting resources for mixed-ability classes depends on how well you know each student’s level. You can easily achieve this by administering a Multiple-Choice English Level Test.

You can watch the preview video I have created for this resource or at the bottom of this page so you can understand exactly what it has to offer. In the preview video, you can also see how the scoring process works.

We also have a preview video for another version of this resource, an editable Word file – English Level Test – printable Word & PDF – that you can watch to get some insight on the scoring process. You can get all versions of this test at a significant discount if you choose to buy the bundle.

In our blog, you will find some amazing tips on how to conduct the test and how to engage students in the scoring process: How to use up2dateSKILLS English Level Test.

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1) 4-page printable worksheet (fillable PDF);
2) 4-page printable answer key (PDF).
This is version A of the printable and/or fillable placement test. The sentences in Placement Test B (another downloadable product in our shop) have been slightly changed and the answers shuffled so that you can use both versions in the same class. Both versions have 50 questions, with one point available for each correct answer. Levels are then determined by the number of points your students score. The printable and/or fillable test includes questions related to grammar and it will help you determine which level will best suit your class. Depending on the group, I give students 20 to 30 minutes to complete the test. Some of them will complete the test in less time and some might not be able to complete all the questions, so it’s important to let them know that it’s ok. It’s all part of the assessment. If they need more than 30 minutes, they are probably struggling a bit.
Correcting the test with the class is also a good idea and it can work as a review lesson where you can do some catching up. This product also includes the answer key.
Watch the preview video on our YouTube channel to have a better idea of what you can find!
Although the product you are watching now is an editable Word and a normal PDF, we have multiple versions of this test in different formats. Please check the list below to see which one suits you best:
ENGLISH Placement Test – Version A
ENGLISH Placement Test – Version B
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To get detailed information about this activity and how to use it in class, read our blog post on Assessing and teaching English to mixed ability students from day 1.


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1) 4-page printable or fillable PDF file (PDF);
2) 4-page printable answer key (PDF).

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