Numbers 0 to 10 in English | Worksheet, presentation, answer key and MP3

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Worksheet and PowerPoint presentation to learn the Numbers 0 to 10 in English. The suggested activities include listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Multiple exercises to learn the numbers 0 to 10 in English. The suggested activities include listening, speaking, reading, and writing the numbers 0 to 10 in English. This resource is teacher-friendly and requires no prep. All the information you need is included in the answer key provided in MS Word, PDF, and in an animated PowerPoint presentation. The presentation is a great asset, not only because it will provide you with the visuals for all the activities, but also because it contains the answer key to all the exercises. You can use it in a traditional in-person class or when teaching online. You can watch the preview video at the bottom of this page.


This product includes:

1) 3-page worksheet (MS Word compatible with Google Docs + PDF);

2) 3-page answer key (MS Word compatible with Google Docs + PDF);

3) 13-slide PowerPoint presentation with animated answer key (compatible with Google Slides);

4) 3 MP3 audio files (included separately and also in the presentation).


Both the worksheet and the answer key are provided in US Letter and A4 so that you can choose the best size when printing (click here to see the difference). Files are compatible with Google Docs and/or Google Slides so you can open them using Google Drive. If necessary, click here to see how to convert a PowerPoint file into Google Slides.


  1. English Grammar – Simple Present
  2. English Placement Test
  3. Safety at work
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  5. Imagine – John Lennon (songs for the classroom)
  6. Countries in the European Union and the EU Enlargements
  7. Let’s open our world – Cultural diversity & DNA


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