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Learn fruits in German with real pictures with this set of 40 Fruits in German Printable Flashcards (editable).

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This set of German fruit flashcards is printable and editable, designed to help learners identify fruits in German using real pictures instead of illustrations. The realistic images make this resource appealing to all age ranges. It includes a wide variety of words and pictures, covering 40 different fruit names in German.

Watch the preview video at the bottom of the page so that you understand exactly what this set has to offer.

On up2dateskills’ blog, you will find some tips on how to use these fruit in German printable flashcards in three different formats: How to use Flashcards to Learn Vocabulary.

  1. 3 x 40 Flashcards (PDF + Editable PowerPoint);
  2. 40 Name tags (PDF + Editable PowerPoint).

You can print out the flashcards in A4 size or US Letter size (both file sizes are included). If you are not sure which paper size is better for you, we suggest reading our blog post on Standard Paper Sizes before printing your flashcards.

This product includes 40 different fruits in German. You have 3 cards for each object:

  1. a main card with the picture and the name tag;
  2. a card with the picture in the center;
  3. and a card with the picture and a blank space to place the name tag that you can print separately to do a matching activity.

Using flashcards to learn vocabulary is a Montessori technique. This resource includes 40 Montessori three-part cards that learners can manipulate in order to internalize new information, in this case, new words.

  1. Classroom objects in German


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🍏 Also available on up2dateskills’ TPT store 

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