PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – worksheet

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These  resources on “Personal Protective Equipment” were designed to showcase important vocabulary related to safety at work.

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The resources in “Personal Protective Equipment – Worksheet + PowerPoint” can be used with adults and teenagers in vocational courses. You can watch the preview video at the bottom of this page.

This product includes:
1) 3-page printable worksheet (Word + PDF – US Letter size);
2) 3-page printable worksheet (Word + PDF – A4 size);
3) 8-slide PowerPoint presentation with the answer key – compatible with Google Slides.
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The worksheet
The worksheet includes pictures of personal protective equipment (PPE), a picture of the human body, safety signs and a gap-filling exercise.
First, the students start by matching the name of the PPE items to the pictures. If the students are still struggling with the English language, I suggest using the PowerPoint presentation first. Start by showing the students all the PPE items. Then and only then, hand out the worksheet and ask them if they can remember some of the new words they have learned. Secondly, the students interpret some safety signs. They have to match them to their meaning. Afterwards, they are shown a picture so that they can name the parts of the body. Finally, they have to use all the vocabulary they have learned, both regarding the PPE items and the parts of the body. The task consists in completing sentences where the previously learned words appear together. This activity sequence provides the opportunity to use the new words multiple times without feeling like a repetition.
The PowerPoint presentation
The PowerPoint presentation is a great asset, not only because it will provide you with the visuals for all the activities, but also because it contains the answer key to all the exercises.
This is a digital product. So you don’t need to wait for the postman and you can save the document and print it as many times as you need.

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