Talking About Dates At Work (Worksheet + Presentation)

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Learn how to read dates in English, including the differences between British and American English.

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This resource can be used to revisit the concept of time (days and months). It will help students learn how to read dates in English, including the differences between British English and American English.

The resource includes three different dialogues that take place at work and is suitable for students of various ages, including high schoolers and adult learners. In addition to working on their listening skills, students will have the opportunity to work on their vocabulary and speaking skills. Watch the video preview to see all the details.

All the resources included are teacher-friendly and require no prep. All the information you need is included in the answer key provided in PDF format and in the PowerPoint presentation.


What’s Included

  • 4-page printable worksheet (PDF + Word);
  • 4-page printable answer key (PDF + Word);
  • 3 audio tracks for the listening activities (MP3 + WAV);
  • 3-page printable transcript of the audio tracks (PDF + Word);
  • 15-slide animated PowerPoint presentation with answer key (compatible with Google Slides).


All the worksheets and the answer keys are provided in US Letter and A4 so that you can choose the best size when printing (click here to see the difference). Files are compatible with Google Docs and/or Google Slides so you can open them using Google Drive. If necessary, click here to see how to convert a PowerPoint file into Google Slides.



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🍏 Also available on up2dateskills’ TPT store 

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