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Sales Pitch | Tips & Examples

What's a Sales Pitch? Find all you need to know about it in our Free Media Library: Sales Pitch | Tips & Examples

sales pitch | Definition

singular nounsales pitchplural nounsales pitches; in a sentence: do/make/give a sales pitch (to sb)

  1. a talk or a way of talking that is intended to persuade you to buy something.

  2. a spoken description or talk about a product or service you are trying to sell, intended to persuade people to buy it.

  1. what a salesperson says in order to persuade someone to buy something from them.
  2. an argument or other persuasion used in selling
  1. a speech that is given in order to persuade someone to buy something.

sales pitch | Explained

up2dateSKILLS summary

A sales pitch is a selling technique, usually a short presentation, designed to present a business, a product or a service to potential clients or investors, who are still somewhat unfamiliar with what is being offered. A product presentation using slides is quite common when it comes to a sales pitch; however, it can be delivered in a number of ways (product demos, videos, cold calls, etc.). Whatever the strategy used, the goal is to persuade someone and eventually close a sale.

Unlike in an Elevator Pitch, which lasts approximately 30 seconds, in a sales pitch, a salesperson has to convey the nature or features as well as specific benefits of what they are selling in less than 2 minutes. A perfect sales pitch will (1) identify a problem that consumers have; (2) acknowledge that problem as a challenge to be solved; (3) offer a product or service to solve that problem; and (4) provide proof of the benefits it brings to the consumers or buyers.

sales pitch | Blog Posts

up2dateSKILLS blog post selection

by Gabe Larsen

In this post, Gabe Larsen discusses the anatomy of a good sales pitch and shares examples of the best sales pitches he has heard.

by RingCentral Team

In this post, the RingCentral Team explores (1) what a sales pitch is; (2) 5 key elements of a successful pitch; (3) 6 sales pitch examples and (4) 6 tips to improve your pitches.

sales pitch | Media Library

up2dateSKILLS media selection

How to Give the Perfect Pitch

with TedX speech coach David Beckett

As an experienced pitch and TedX speech coach, David shares his insights on how to pitch and get your ideas heard. According to four principles, his ‘Open, three, close’ Model and The Pitch Canvas, he explains how to get your audience to engage with your story.

How to Start a Pitch or Presentation

by Dominic Colenso

Dominic Colenso shares two simple ideas about how to start your pitch or presentation.

5 Tips to Give Product Demos That Sell

by Dan Martell

In this video, Dan Martell shares 5 tips you can use to demo your product and get customers excited and motivated to buy it.

Brightwheel Pitch - Shark Tank

Pitching an APP

Brightwheel pitches a product to help parents stay connected to what their students are learning in school.

Steve Jobs Pitching iPad

by Steve Jobs

Apple Special Event 2010 – iPad Introduction

Pitching Software

Eos Shield

The Winning Pitch of EOS Hackathon London.

Product Demo

by eMed Digital Healthcare

Example of a Product Demo used to pitch an online service and a product.

The best "Elevator Pitch" of the World?

"The Dilema" | movie clip

This is a perfect example of an “elevator Pitch”, given in “The Dilemma” (2011), the Movie. It summarizes probably everything at the best, and shows how you can build a very convincing story in only 2 minutes.

For more info on “Elevator Pitches” visit our Media Library.

Elevator Pitch Winner

Sales pitch

Pitching a service. This is what people say about this young man’s pitch: Great idea, Fast, Furious, Action packed, Awesome, Concise, Informative, Entertaining, and really gets the core message across in less than 2 minutes. 

For more info on “Elevator Pitches” visit our Media Library.

David Arnoux pitching Twoodo

Startup pitch

A pitch for startups to convince investors.

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