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Have you ever sung in the German classes? What song did you sing? How was it like? Whether you’re a student or a teacher, I would love to read your thoughts on this topic.

I strongly believe that people can learn German with songs, and I would also like to convince all my students that, in order to effectively learn German with music, they actually have to join their lead singer, aka their respectable teacher, i.e. me, by doing their own vocals. However, when I open my mouth to sing, I lose all credibility.

Getting students to sing

It took me many years of musical training in my car to realize just how bad my singing voice is, but I couldn’t care less. As it turns out, I usually get my students to sing along and most of them sing as poorly as I do! I’m not really sure what convinces them to sing along. Threatening them with the possibility of making them join me in front of the class for a duet or even a solo if I catch them lip-synching may have something to do with it, some might say. However, I do suspect that they feel sorry for me and for the damage that my off-key singing might do to the songs they once loved. Maybe that’s the real reason they join me on my quest for the right notes.

Apparently, there are some fascinating things going on in our brain when we sing, regardless of how terrible our voice is, so take this post as a dare. I dare you to test your singing ability with some of the songs I have tried to sabotage with my defiantly bad voice.

Your turn

Have you ever sung in a German class? What song did you sing? How was it like?

Whether you are a student or a teacher, I would love to read your thoughts on this topic in the comment section.

Joana's classroom playlist

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If you’re a teacher looking for a song to use in class, check the song section on my TpT store. You’ll find some printable resources there for some of the songs on my playlist.

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