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A collection of YouTube tutorial videos created by up2dateSKILLS to help you create or manage your YouTube channel.

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How to add new YouTube channels to your account

📑 💻 Step-by-step Video Tutorial

Adding multiple channels to your account is a useful feature that you can easily use to manage your content and your YouTube projects. You can use it to save time managing multiple YouTube channels.

How to add a Featured Channels Section to your YouTube homepage

📑 💻 Step-by-step Video Tutorial

The Featured Channels section is a useful tool that you can easily create and edit. You can use it to support people you follow or to display your own channels.

Captions or subtitles

Learn how to add subtitles in multiple languages to your YouTube videos to make them more accessible and thus reach a wider audience

How to move YouTube Playlists to another channel

📑 💻 Step-by-step Video Tutorial

Learn how to transfer all the videos on a playlist to a different channel at once.

How to download a YouTube Thumbnail

📑 💻 Step-by-step

Copy the URL

Paste it on 👉 Softr

Click on "Download" or right click on the thumbnail to save the picture

Your turn

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