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Our Courses | Your achievements @up2dateskills

Examples of all up2dateskills' achievements and badges that course participants get for their performance throughout a course.

You will earn badges for completing different tasks on up2dateSKILLS.

What type of badges are there in up2dateSKILLS’ courses?

No More Partying For You!

When a student fails a quiz.

It's Time To Celebrate!

When a student passes a quiz.

The Record Breaker!

When a student scores 100% in a quiz.

Going Social!

When a student comments on a blog post at up2dateSKILLS.com.

Avid Reader!

When a student reads a blog post suggested in the course.

Your turn

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If you are a student in one of our courses, you will get a badge for your contribution.

Your turn!

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    Mein Lieblingsurlaub war auf den Azores. Die Sonne schien und das Meer war so blau.
    Die Menschen waren sehr nett und das Essen war lecker!

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