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What are up2dateskills feedback coupons

Learn how to leave a review and get feedback discount coupons to use on your next purchase.

We value your feedback! Customers who invest in our resources or courses are invited to share their experiences through a meaningful review.

If you buy our products on up2dateskills TPT store, you should read the information on TPT credits and how they work on TPT: What are TPT credits?

If you buy our products here on up2dateskills.com, you can share your review on the product page and some reviews are eligible to receive a feedback coupon as a token of our appreciation.

up2dateskills’ feedback coupons are discount coupons that customers might get for leaving a review on paid resources and courses that they bought at up2dateskills.com. Credits are not earned when you leave a review on a resource you haven’t specifically paid for.

Who can apply for a feedback coupon?

Only customers who purchase a resource or course and share their experience by leaving a thoughtful review on the product page’s ‘Reviews’ tab are eligible to receive a feedback coupon. 

What is a thoughtful review?

For a review to qualify as ‘thoughtful’, it should provide substantive insights and valuable perspectives on the product, helping future buyers make informed decisions. Reviews lacking depth or relevance will not be considered. This is just to avoid loose words without much meaning. 

How long must a review be?

A thoughtful review doesn’t have to be very long. Sometimes a single sentence is good enough to qualify.

Here are some ideas for feedback. Pick one or two and share your thoughts:

  • Ideas for Teachers:

What do you teach (subject)?

What are your plans for the resource?

What grade levels are you going to use the resource with?

How was the experience while using the resource?

What was your favorite part?

Was it easy to use the resources in class?

  • Ideas for Students:

What are you learning?

What are your plans for the resource?

Was the answer key useful?

Was the online course easy to navigate and understand?

What was your favorite part?

How much can I get for each review?

When you leave a review that meets the criteria above, you will earn 5% of the total amount you have spent on our online store for that specific resource. If you submit a thoughtful review on a product you paid 10 EUR for, for example, you’ll earn a credit of 0,50 EUR. Each review is analyzed individually and a discount code will be sent to you by email in the next following days. It might take up to 48 hours.

How can I use my feedback coupons?

You can use the feedback coupons as discount coupons on future purchases at up2dateskills.com. You can add the code just before paying for the products.

Your turn!

All donations are managed via PayPal secure payments.

If coffee is not an option, I would also be happy to hear your feedback. Please share some words in the comment section below and stay tuned! We will keep adding new tutorials.

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