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What to Include in a Classroom Newsletter Template

Write a classroom newsletter template that both parents and students will actually read.

Hey there, fellow educators! Ever wondered how a simple piece of paper or a digital message can work wonders in creating a tight-knit classroom community? The secret is keeping it simple and straight to the point.

In this blog post, we’re going to learn how to create a classroom newsletter by exploring what to include in a Classroom Newsletter so that it becomes a useful classroom management tool that both parents and students will actually read.

To make the best of your time throughout the year, you should start by creating or getting a Classroom Newsletter template. Then, decide what you want to include and, finally, plan how you can use it consistently to keep everyone in the loop – students, parents, and guardians.

Components of a Classroom Newsletter

Below is a short description for each of the essential components of a Classroom Newsletter. This will help you choose the ones that make more sense to your group of students.


Seasonal Title or Greeting

Starting the classroom newsletter with a warm seasonal greeting creates a friendly tone for the rest of the content. It instantly makes readers feel valued and appreciated, enhancing their receptiveness to the updates and information shared within the newsletter.


Teacher’s Message

The “teacher’s message” section is also important. It offers a personal touch because it provides an excellent opportunity for the teacher to address parents and students directly. Much like the greeting, it builds trust and engagement, and it can be used to show gratitude and to encourage active participation in school activities.


Curriculum Highlights

On up2dateskills Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates the Curriculum Highlights section is called “What we are learning”. Highlighting the curriculum in the newsletter keeps parents informed about what their children are learning. By providing insights into classroom topics, you will enable parents to reinforce learning at home, thus fostering a collaborative learning experience beyond school hours.


Classroom Updates

The classroom updates section is essential for sharing updates about the ongoing classroom activities, projects, and student achievements. It keeps parents engaged in their child’s education and celebrates students’ growth and accomplishments. It can also be used to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our students, boosting their confidence and motivation.


Upcoming Assignments

Including a section about upcoming assignments in the classroom newsletter helps students and parents stay informed about their academic responsibilities. This section can be used as a helpful reminder of upcoming due dates, projects, or assessments, allowing students to manage their time effectively and stay organized.


Upcoming Events

On up2dateskills Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates the Upcoming Events section is called “Reminders”. Mentioning upcoming school events, such as a school concert, a science fair, parent-teacher conferences, holidays, and important deadlines in the classroom updates is crucial. By providing this information, we ensure that parents and students manage their schedules effectively and can actively participate in these important events.


Student Spotlights

Featuring student spotlights in the newsletter celebrates individual achievements, talents, and efforts. However, while such a recognition can be uplifting for those who are featured and their families, there are potential cons to consider. Firstly, it might unintentionally create a competitive environment among students, leading to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem in those not featured. Secondly, privacy concerns may arise if students or their families prefer not to be highlighted publicly. Although I acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of high achievers, I chose not to include this section on up2dateskills’ Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates. I would include it if I had a small class and effective strategies to make every single student spotlight worthy.


Important Dates

On up2dateskills Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates the Important Dates section was included to make each student’s special day memorable and show them how much they matter! By including important dates in the classroom newsletter, especially birthdays, we ensure that all students get a chance to be recognized and celebrated at least once. This thoughtful approach promotes inclusivity and boosts students’ morale and sense of belonging within the classroom community. Additionally, mentioning birthdays during seasonal breaks ensures that students with birthdays falling on or near holidays are not overlooked and receive the same appreciation and attention as their peers throughout the year.


Office Hours

Introducing a section called “Office Hours” in the classroom newsletter allows for better teacher-student-parent communication. This section provides details about the specific times when teachers are available to meet with students or parents, either in person or virtually. It encourages open dialogue, fosters a supportive learning environment, and enables students and parents to seek guidance, ask questions, and address any concerns.


Contact Information

The “Contact Information” section in the classroom newsletter is a vital resource for fostering seamless communication. Including contact details of both teachers and school ensures that parents and students can easily reach out with any queries or concerns. This section empowers everyone to stay connected, allowing for timely responses and effective problem-solving throughout the educational journey.

Newsletter Frequency and Distribution

Now that you have already seen what to include in a classroom newsletter, let’s look at the optimal distribution frequency and preferred methods for reaching our audience.


Newsletter Frequency

Deciding on the right frequency for our classroom newsletter is an important step in keeping parents and students informed and engaged. The frequency can vary depending on the needs and dynamics of your classroom community. A weekly newsletter might be suitable for more active communication and frequent updates, while a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter may provide a comprehensive overview of recent events and upcoming activities. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, setting a consistent schedule ensures that parents and students anticipate and rely on the newsletter for updates.


Distribution Methods

In this digital age, choosing the right distribution methods for our newsletter is equally important. We have various options to consider, such as printed copies, email, or online platforms. Printed copies can be sent home physically, ensuring that all parents have access to a copy. Email distribution is quick, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, making it a popular choice for many. Utilizing online platforms or school communication apps allows for easy access to newsletters, enabling parents to view them conveniently on their devices.


Personalizing Preferences

Recognizing that each parent may have different preferences for receiving the newsletter, it’s valuable to gather feedback or preferences early on. Consider sending out a short survey or discussing with parents during parent-teacher conferences to understand their preferred method of communication. By personalizing the distribution process, we ensure that the newsletter reaches parents through the most convenient means for them. In other words, we increase the probability of higher readership and active engagement, as parents are more likely to open, read, and respond to content that aligns with their preferred communication channels.


Consistency is Key

Whatever frequency and distribution methods we choose, the key is to be consistent. Establish a clear schedule and adhere to it diligently. Consistent delivery builds trust and reliability, hopefully making parents and students eager to receive and read the newsletter regularly.

Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates

I invite you to explore our Editable Classroom Newsletter Templates resource to simplify your classroom communication and strengthen the connection with parents and students.

PowerPoint Template 💻

This is a set of customizable newsletter templates for PowerPoint, and it can be used as a monthly classroom newsletter or as a weekly classroom newsletter. You can customize the fonts, the icons and the pictures to celebrate each special season.

Watch the video preview to see an example of a classroom newsletter template for teachers. The video will give you a clear idea of what this resource includes. Additionally, you can learn how easy it is to customize these classroom newsletter templates. Let me remind you that you can make these classroom newsletter templates printable or digital.

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