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YouTube Tutorial | How to Add Multiple Captions to Your YouTube Videos

Step-by-step tutorial on how to add multiple subtitles or add multiple captions to your YouTube videos.

Offering viewers the possibility of watching your videos with subtitles serves multiple purposes such as reaching a wider audience.

Although YouTube automatically generates subtitles in the language you are using in the video for free, those are usually not very accurate. Sure, they are better than nothing. Most importantly, they can be used as a starting point because everything is already timed and most words are spelled correctly. This way you can just proofread them and then you can use the proofread version to create the translations.

Finding where to add an additional language to your videos might not be very obvious the first time you try it out. This video tutorial shows you how to get to that feature so that you can edit your video, not only by adding a new closed caption but also by adding translations of both the title and the description of your video.

How to Add Multiple Captions to Your YouTube Videos

Step-by-step video tutorial

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to add subtitles in multiple languages to your YouTube videos to make them more accessible. If you prefer, you can read all the steps below.

Step #1 | Open the subtitles page


Go to your channel’s YouTube Studio and click on the subtitles’ icon to open the page.

Step #2 | Open the video


Click on the video you want to add subtitles to.

Step #3 | Add a new language


Click the button “ADD LANGUAGE” and choose the language you want from the dropdown list.

Step #4 | Upload the subtitles file

Click ADD in the Subtitles column and when the window opens click Upload file and hit CONTINUE. Select the file from your device. 

Step #5 | Check if needs some changes

Play the video to see if your subtitles and the audio are synchronized.

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