Tudo Sobre Mim (All About Me) Back-to-School Activity in Portuguese

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This worksheet works great as a first-day-of-school activity for your Portuguese class. The worksheet comes in both color and black and white and is a great icebreaker.

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Make back-to-school fun with this “Tudo sobre mim” (“All about me”) worksheet in Portuguese. This works great as a first-day-of-school activity. The worksheet comes in both color and black and white.

All About Me activities are widely used as a first day of school activity because they are an easy icebreaker that allows students to share about themselves.

Another great thing about this All About Me/Tudo Sobre Mim Portuguese icebreaker is that it can be used by almost all ages because although the pictures are cute, they are not childish. You can use the colored version or the black-and-white one, which I am sure everyone will love to bring to life with some color no matter their age.

Your students (kids, teens, or adults) will share their favorite interests and hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and some out-of-the-box fun facts such as:

  1. Daily routine highlights
  2. Preferences (through a “this or that” activity)
  3. Their favorite things (food, hobby, book, song, film)
  4. Dreams and goals for the future



  1. All About Me worksheet in Portuguese – color (PDF)
  2. All About Me worksheet in Portuguese – black and white (PDF)


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If you want to have students interview a new classmate, make sure you check our “All about you” (“Tudo sobre ti”) version of this resource. They go great together, so we have created a bundle, where you can get both activities at an affordable price.

Let me remind you of the three options we have to offer:

  1. All About Me worksheet in Portuguese (this is the resource you are looking at now)
  2. All About You worksheet in Portuguese
  3. All About Me worksheet in Portuguese + All About You worksheet in Portuguese (bundle)

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