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Memes em Português Memes do Twitter Memes para aprender Português up2dateSKILLS_small

Twitter Memes in Portuguese

Are you teaching Portuguese? Here you can get Twitter Memes in Portuguese to share with your students on Twitter.
Estás a dar aulas de Português? Aqui encontras Memes do Twitter em Português para partilhares com os teus alunos.

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Memes auf Deutsch Memes aus Twitter Memes zum Deutschlernen by up2dateSKILLS_small

Twitter Memes in German

Are you teaching German? Here you can get Twitter Memes in German to share with your students on Twitter.
Unterrichtest du Deutsch? Hier findest du Twitter Memes auf Deutsch, die du mit deinen Schülern auf Twitter teilen kannst.

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Microphones showing on air notice.

Songs to learn German

Have you ever sung in the German classes? What song did you sing? How was it like? Whether you’re a student or a teacher, I would love to read your thoughts on this topic.

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up2dateSKILLS teaching tips on what to do on the first day of school

Activities for the first lesson

There is no day like the first day of the school year or the first day of a training course. Students are likely to experience mixed feelings. For teachers, it isn’t much different. Get your lessons off to a successful start. The first day is THE day so you’d better make it count!

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composing on a blank music sheet
Planning & Productivity

Editable Blank Music Sheets

Do you want to have blank sheet music paper with your own name or school logo? Maybe you are thinking about inspiring other people to write their own music. We have different editable blank music sheets for you to choose from.

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