German for Beginners | Hallo! Wie geht’s? – Greetings and Goodbyes in German

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Beginner-friendly resource to learn German greetings and goodbyes through engaging activities for teenagers and adults.

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Teach greetings and goodbyes in German with the resource “Hallo wie geht’s – Begrüßungen und Verabschiedungen”. It is a resource designed for German beginners, including teenagers and adults. This product is ideal for a first lesson. Learning German greetings and goodbyes with this resource set is not only engaging but also effective so your students will be able to understand and use greetings and goodbyes in German by the end of the lesson in real-world interactions.

Check out the video preview at the bottom of this page to see all the details of this German speaking practice activity for beginners and continue reading the product description to learn about the various components that make this resource a ready-to-use, stress-free tool for any teacher.


  1. 3-page worksheet (PDF + editable Word);
  2. 3-page answer-key (PDF + editable Word);
  3. 8 audio files (MP3 + WAV);
  4. 12-slide animated PowerPoint presentation with answer key and audio tracks (compatible with Google Slides).

Both the worksheets and the answer key are provided in US Letter and A4 so that you can choose the best size when printing (click here to see the difference). All files are compatible with Google Docs and/or Google Slides so you can open them using Google Drive. If necessary, watch the tutorial How to convert a PowerPoint file into Google Slides.

Greetings and goodbyes in German Worksheet

Practical exercises designed to reinforce vocabulary, pronunciation, and usage of common greetings and farewells in German. All skills are addressed through listening practice, interpreting simple dialogues, fill-in-the-blank activities, writing short dialogues and roleplay.

Greetings and goodbyes in German Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation will contribute to capture your students’ attention because it will provide you with the visuals and audio tracks for all the activities as well as the answer key to all the exercises.

Flexible Implementation & Time-Saving Convenience

As educators ourselves, we understand the importance of time management. That’s why our resource is designed to save you valuable prep time. Whether you prefer traditional classroom instruction, hybrid learning models, or virtual environments, this resource includes the tools for all teaching styles. You can use it as a standalone lesson or integrate it into your existing curriculum for a well-rounded language learning experience.

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