SDGs in German | Die 17 Ziele für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen

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What are the 17 SDGs in German and their meaning? Let your students find out the answer for themselves with this resource.

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What are the 17 SDGs in German and their meaning? Let your students find out the answer for themselves with this resource: Die 17 Ziele für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen (SDGs). The diverse components (worksheet and presentation) not only facilitate German language acquisition but also cultivate a sense of awareness towards building a more sustainable future.

Check out the video preview at the top of this page to explore how these German classroom resources for SDGs in German can help you teach about SDGs to learners of German language. Continue reading the product description to learn all the details of the various components that make this resource a ready-to-use tool for any teacher addressing this topic in German.


  1. 2-page worksheet (PDF + Word);
  2. 3-page answer-key (PDF + Word);
  3. 8-slide animated PowerPoint presentation with answer key and audio tracks (compatible with Google Slides).

Both the worksheets and the answer key are provided in US Letter and A4 so that you can choose the best size when printing (click here to see the difference). All files are compatible with Google Docs and/or Google Slides so you can open them using Google Drive. If necessary, watch the tutorial How to convert a PowerPoint file into Google Slides.

The SDGs in German worksheet PDF + Word

Beginning with a matching activity between the icons and their titles, this Sustainable Development Goals worksheet in German enables you to introduce your German students to the SDGs with a straightforward SDGs German vocabulary activity. Following the identification of each icon, students will explore short texts in German outlining all 17 Global Goals, allowing them to gain a better understanding of each objective. These texts have been simplified and transformed into gap-filling activities for increased engagement.

The SDGs in German answer key

For convenience, the answer key is provided in multiple formats (Word, PDF, and PowerPoint), ensuring teacher-friendly accessibility, even in emergencies.

The SDGs in German PowerPoint presentation

The PowerPoint presentation “Die 17 Ziele für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen” is a valuable resource for both in-person and remote teaching settings. It provides the visual prompts you need to correct the exercises. The answer key displays upon clicking, offering a more engaging learning experience.

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